IT Services

IT Services

Bussiness process supervision (KSZF)

Everyone says that they'll give you an SLA or four 9s and whatsoever. If you are interested in the real deal contact us and forget expensive software.

Infrastructure audit

If you've heard enough contradicting talk from your database administrator, operator and advisor, seek our assistance and we'll show you what you really have!


If your service fails  or you can't account with your customers due to system problems... We can give you some interesting and useful advice.  

License management and audit

You need another professional license and you are already have a handful... This is a familiar situation for us; so many hw/sw providers have cursed our name for helping that it's becoming a compliment.

Trustful monitoring

We've had multiple counts of companies who needed a specialist who was independent, trustful and had a wide range of experience to give advice to the leadership on a field that the in-house IT department couldn't or wouldn't be able to solve. We've always been able to answer these requests with our straightforward attitude. 

Mobile applications / Device management

If you'd like to know how your employees use their devices or you want to be able to centrally distribute applications. Our answer is simple: Mobile Device Management!



External Service Monitoring

Our unique "top-down" logic is successful not only by company leaders but by IT as well. We give a solution for managers to oversee system monitoring and ensure accountability, while for IT it simplifies work and in case of a problem supplies a quick solution. 

Business Process Inteligence

In our approach instead of building a system of infrastructural measurements from the bottom-up, which never cover everything, because by the time it's set up the company's system evolves, not to mention that it slows the system down. Instead we ask the leaders to name 5-6 IT processes that are bussiness-critical, we automate these processes and run them every 5 minutes by a "phantom". We don't look for details, just want to see whether the job can or can't be done. 

Our service is based on the simple and easily understandable and operable NAGIOS.

We provide these services on unique, monthly-paid contracts.


Mobile applications

OneBridge 2001-2012

We've built PIM systems in co-operation with T-Mobile but also working with different big-name companies like: Aegon, Dunapack, Égáz-Dégáz, EON-IS, TV2, CBA. Despite the shrinking market our system was widely acclaimed because it takes the load of this field off of IT's shoulders while also professionally helping senior managers. 

BlackBerry 2006-

Using our wide-range of experience with multiple devices and messaging services we've started the same high-quality support of BlackBerry systems in Hungary, which is lacking of similar solutions for the platform. 

FancyFon 2011 -

Mobile Device Management has replaced our previous PIM systems in our portfolio. Our biggest customer is Aegon Insurance which uses our system on more than 750 devices. We have an excellent relationship with the Hungarian representation and the Polish developers, just like the OneBridge era. 

IT advisement

Infrastructure audits

A big nation-wide institute's - the Employment and Social Ministry's - complete IT audit, with full on-scene measurement and planning for the future was our first big project. On the success of this project we gained permanent advisory and project-leading status. 

Strategy creation

We've prepared strategies based on previous audits for numerous companies, which are necessary for EU projects and provide an excellent base and resources for senior leaders of a company. 

Process measurements

As a new field for us, we've been asked in 2009 to measure the necessary processes required for OGYI's base system tender. During this process we've learned new analytic and modeling software such as Mega. The list of companies expanded with Magyar Közút and G4S. 

Business Process Monitoring

Our biggest success so far is our External Service Monitoring system at Aegon Insurance. We used out "top-down" logic and understood the requirements of senior leaders. We are monitoring 6-7 business critical processes (simulating real work). From this point on there are no questions, everything is black and white and easily monitorable for both IT and the leadership. 

Incident management

We've received a contract after an incident at Keler to study their processes. Thanks to our maintenance and technical expertise we were able to give clear and understandable solutions for the problems. 

License management and audit

Due to the shrinking market Oracle has begun investigating the use of their licenses. In response to this our ability to see clearly and our expertise in negotiation and maintenance gave us a solid ground to build this completely new LMS system first used at selected customers (hospitals and education facilites). 


We've received numerous contracts from companies where their IT department wanted to write proper tenders which require the special, wide range of experience that we have that is not available at these companies. Videoton FC


The biggest: X.509v3 PKI study for KVVM.

Mobil Device Management

For our biggest client Aegon we provide external management of their mobile devices 0-24 hours. Regular weekly appearances, continuous updates and straight so called Level 1,5 support of colleagues on the inside. Instant reactions to mobile viruses, loss of devices or grand deployment of new apps. 


 Our service is based on a FAMOC product.