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The products was developed with support of EU and Hugarian Goverment: VEKOP-2.1.7-15-2016-00011
Project title: Automatizált pilóta nélküli jármű fejlesztése őrzésvédelem területhez
Project finance: 33.113.625.- HUF
Project finance percent: 61.93%

the Product

"the semi autonomous drone system" - SADS

If You want a cheap corridor mapping solution, without live workforce on a dangerous area.

If You want to create a stock report about an open storage area (wood, sand, rocks) or a mine int that time, when You want! Do not want to get complicated scheduling with pilots and avoid weather blockings.

Then this system is discovered to You! Just click on "START" button!

The system checks everything, what is possible and execute your selected mission without any cooperation need. At the end land and only one job let to You: Switch out and store the drone for next time.
For us the result is all over!
We care on You!

Technical requirements

  • One man - either unskilled - operator
  • One drone - either own - one from DJI Phantom, Mavic, Matrice series
  • Mobil internet


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