About us

The Team

Real teamwork, independent people who combine their experience to provide excellence. 

  • Inspiration
  • Erzsébet Antal
  • Management
  • Szilárd "SilaS" Fülöp 
  • Background, the vision, thought, order and calmness. 
  • Control
  • János "Vírus" Gyergyói 
  • The crazy helicopter educated pilot. 
  • Pilot & video
  • Burai Csaba "Poika"
  • Post-production
  • Márton Elődi

Our team finds joy in the everyday challenges of our field: the quickly changing technological landscape and providing for our customers who see opportunity in this new technology. 

During our work we are insured by a full insurance, guaranteeing a safe flight and an untouched environment. 


R+D Projects – aerial robotics / drones

Our experience in IT basically determinated where our drone project from 2005 would eventually develop. During our work we've introduced new concepts to the Hungarian public which were previously unknown such as FPV.  

  • 2015
    • West-Hungarian University corn field survey
    • FÖMI ragweed survey
    • WSC transmission penetration (see-through) measurement
    • Klauzál tér market hall reconstruction imaging
    • Ipolymenti Forestry survey
    • Sauska Vinery survey
  • 2014 Hungarian Parliament aerial photography and 3D modeling
  • 2012-2013 KMOP 1.1.4-11/B tender: independent aerial reconnoissance group creation 
  • 2005 Sport events online streaming system deployment (AdriaticChallenge).
  • 2006-2012 Military target production (HM),
  • 2005-2006 Reconnoissance FPV aircraft production,