LIDAR processing

Popular, that laser sensor is the Holy Grail of absolute precision - thanks for the endless power of marketing today. We as seeing through a bit about this choosed solutions according our experience to a correct offer:


  • 3D pointcloud correction (strip align)
  • Align to a reference
  • Merging point clouds

There is a lot, really expensive, many times builded on each other, strictly licensed solutions at the market. We choosed one we know well, used at our projects, therefore can propose it honest:

BayesMap Solutions - BayesStripAlign price:

    • Lite: subscription verzion 750.000.- Ft + VAT / year, perpetual licence 1.500.000.-Ft + VAT / licence
    • UAS: subscription verzion 1.130.000.- Ft + VAT / year, perpetual licence 2.250.000.-Ft + VAT / licence

 (375 EURHUF course.)

BayesMap Solutions BayesStripAlign

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