They have an active role in spreading information about drones and working hard to develop the drone community.
Drónok harca (Fight of Drones)- Manager Magazin
The not-so-secret long term goal of the website is to help the authorities and to model that it's not so difficult to have order in the nation airspace by having a law-obeying community of drone-pilots. 
Egy kis drónkörkép (Drone panorama)- Perspective
Pictures and movies shot by us open an entirely new perspective, even more special than those shot with a helicopter. 
Drónt a fenyőfa alá? Inkább fölé (Drone under the tree? More like above it)- Superbrands 2015 (23. page)
It's not only a theoretical course, with a practice-oriented course finishers are well-educated but still lack more flight-hours. 
Mi értelme van a drónoknak a mezőgazdaságban? (What's the benefit of drones in agriculture?)-
To summarize machine-selection, maintenance, data-mining and analyzation all require the necessary special knowledge, but right now it looks like this form of remote-sensing has many opportunities. 
Drónok "támadása" I. (Attack of drones) - Agro Napló (91. oldal)


They surveyed the hardly accessible parts of the Parliament building using drones. 
Így még senki sem látta a Parlamentet (No one has seen the Parliament like this before)-
This time they surveyed the listed parliament building using flying robots that could safely reach places thought unaccessible before to capture three dimensional pictures of the artifacts. 
Így még nem láttuk a parlamentet (We haven't seen the Parliament like this)- kultú
Countless videos and pictures have been shot of this imposing building, but I've never seen anything like this before. 
Drónok: új perspektívák nyílnak meg előttünk (Drones: new opportunities open for us)-
Szilárd Fülöp who turned from an IT specialist to a robot aircraft constructor eyed by the Army, to a drone manufacturer and then to a professional in post-production of finished aerial photos. 
Légből kapott ötlet -figyelő.hu


Our aircraft fulfill their destiny at the Usztka shooting range...